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Item # Item Cost
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CHP-1 Cox Thimble Drome Champ Parts Set - includes all retainer nuts.
Buy set of 4 and save!!
$22.00/set chp-1.jpg (26978 bytes)

CHP-1A Cox Thimble Drome Champ Exhaust w/nuts $10.00/ea chp-1a.jpg (12016 bytes)

CHP-1B Cox Thimble Drome Grill w/nut $9.00/ea chp-1b.jpg (19025 bytes)

CHP-1C Cox Thimble Drome Brake w/nut $7.00/ea chp-1c.jpg (14856 bytes)

CHP-1D Cox Thimble Drome Pump w/nut $7.00/ea chp-1d.jpg (11542 bytes)

CHP-1E Pair Thimble Drome Champ Front Tires $14.00/pr chp-1e.jpg (116165 bytes)

CHP-1F Pair Thimble Drome Champ Rear Tires (non-powered) $17.00/pr chp-1f.jpg (132937 bytes)

CHP-1G Pair Thimble Drome Champ Rear Tires (powered) $22.00/pr chp-1g.jpg (126814 bytes)

CHP-1H Set 4 Thimble Drome Champ Polished Aluminum Wheels
(non powered use only)
$26.00/set chp-1ha.jpg (144485 bytes)chp-1hb.jpg (115760 bytes)

CHP-1I Thimble Drome Champ Tire Set (non-powered)
Buy set of 4 and save!!
$25.00/set chp-1i.jpg (169842 bytes)

CHP-1J Thimble Drome Champ Tire Set (powered)
Buy set of 4 and save!!
$28.00/set chp-1j.jpg (152354 bytes)

CHP-1Ka Thimble Drome Champ Cast Rear Wheel
(2 piece,  string start)
$11.00/ea chp-1ka.jpg (108813 bytes)

CHP-1Kb Thimble Drome Champ Cast Rear Wheel
(2 piece, standard)
$11.00/ea chp-1kc.jpg (122087 bytes)

CHP-1L Thimble Drome Champ Complete Tire/Wheel/Axle set $60.00/set chp-1la.jpg (134223 bytes)chp-1lb.jpg (127909 bytes)

CHP-1M Thimble Drome Prop Rod Smooth Tires $13.00/pr

SPC-1 Cox Thimble Drome Special Parts Set - includes all retainer nuts.
Buy set of 2 and save!!
$15.00/set spc-1.jpg (25911 bytes)

SPC-1A Thimble Drome Special Exhaust w/nut $11.00/ea spc-1a.jpg (40635 bytes)

SPC-1B Thimble Drome Special Brake w/nut $7.00/ea spc-1b.jpg (12536 bytes)

SPC-1C Pair Thimble Drome Special Front Tires $14.00/pr spc-1c.jpg (140462 bytes)

SPC-1D Pair Thimble Drome Special Rear Tires $14.00/pr spc-1d.jpg (116165 bytes)

SPC-1E Thimble Drome Special Tire Set
Buy set of 4 and save!!
$22.00/set spc-1e.jpg (155889 bytes)

SPC-1F Thimble Drome Special Seat Pan - no hole
(epoxy on or drill your own hole)
$13.00/ea spc-1e1.jpg (69911 bytes)spc-1e2.jpg (63671 bytes)

SPC-1G Thimble Drome Special Seat Pan - with hole
(taller version for cast in screw boss on seat bottom)
$13.00/ea spc-1f1.jpg (61167 bytes)spc-1f2.jpg (59331 bytes)

ORP-1 Ohlsson & Rice Parts Set
Buy set of 6 and save!!
$26.00/set orp-1.jpg (27638 bytes)

ORP-1A Ohlsson & Rice Exhaust $9.00/ea orp-1a.jpg (15787 bytes)

ORP-1B Ohlsson & Rice Steering Wheels $7.00/ea orp-1b.jpg (23225 bytes)

ORP-1C Ohlsson & Rice Brake Lever $5.00/ea orp-1c.jpg (17385 bytes)

ORP-1D Ohlsson & Rice Pump $5.00/ea orp-1d.jpg (17075 bytes)

ORP-1E Ohlsson & Rice Radius Rods (sold in pairs only) $7.00/pr orp-1e.jpg (25011 bytes)

ORP-1F Ohlsson & Rice Nerf Bars (sold in pairs only) $10.00/set orp-1f.jpg (20720 bytes)

ORP-1G Ohlsson & Rice Front Tires (sold in pairs only) $14.00/pr orp-1g.JPG (114484 bytes)

ORP-1H Ohlsson & Rice Rear Tires (sold in pairs only) $17.00/pr orp-1h.JPG (106984 bytes)

ORP-1J Ohlsson & Rice Tire Set $25.00/set

HRP-1A All American Hot Rod Grill $19.00/ea hrp1aa.jpg (99678 bytes)

HRP-1B All American Hot Rod Steering Wheel $7.00/ea hrp1ba.jpg (84118 bytes)

HRP-1C All American Hot Rod Wheel $8.00/ea hrp-1c1.JPG (92881 bytes)hrp-1c2.JPG (93630 bytes)

ROD-1 Rodzy Grill $15.00/ea rod1a.jpg (74798 bytes)

DOO-1 Dooling F Grill $15.00/ea doo1a.jpg (82147 bytes)

DOO-2 Dooling F 2 Piece Differential $24.00/set doo2a.jpg (112774 bytes)doo2c.jpg (93427 bytes)

DOO-3 Dooling F 3 Piece Swing Axle Set $35.00/set doo3a.jpg (56169 bytes)doo3b.jpg (59282 bytes)

DOO-4 Dooling F Custom Radius Rods (sold in pairs only) $15.00/pr doo4.jpg (78137 bytes)

REU-1 Reuhl Steering Wheel $11.00/ea reu1a.jpg (59374 bytes)

REU-2 Reuhl Grill $20.00/ea reu2a.jpg (73974 bytes)

REU-3 Reuhl Louvers (sold in pairs only) $19.00/pr reu3a.jpg (83367 bytes)

RCP-001 2 Point Knock Off Hub Set (4 pcs)
1/4" threaded
$16.00/set of 4 rcp1a.jpg (74746 bytes)

RCP-002 3 Point Knock Off Hub Set (4 pcs)
3/16" non-threaded
$15.00/set of 4 rcp2.jpg (68855 bytes)

RCP-003 4 Spoke 2" Diameter Flat Steering Wheel $9.00/ea rcp3.jpg (58596 bytes)

RCP-004 3 Spoke 2" Diameter Steering Wheel $9.00/ea rcp4a.jpg (59473 bytes)

RCP-005 3 Spoke 2 1/8" Diameter Steering Wheel $9.00/ea rcp5a.jpg (58459 bytes)

RCP-006 Large Custom Header Pipe $12.00/ea rcp6.jpg (31953 bytes)

RCP-007 Small Pair Custom Headlights $11.00/pr rcp-7a.jpg (18158 bytes)

RCP-008 3 Spoke 1.25" Diameter Steering Wheel w/Grips $7.00/ea rcp-8.jpg (37575 bytes)

RCP-009 3 Spoke 1 1/8" Diameter Steering Wheel w/Button $7.00/ea rcp-9.jpg (33605 bytes)

RCP-010 Custom Cast Metal Dashboard $12.00/ea rcp-10.jpg (22928 bytes)

RCP-011 Dished 3 Spoke 1 7/8" Diameter Steering Wheel $8.00/ea rcp-11.jpg (24723 bytes)

RCP-012 Custom Steel Rodzy  or All American Hot Rod Windshield (epoxy on) $11.00/ea rcp-012.JPG (509284 bytes)
RCP-013 Mc Coy Grill $15.00/ea mcp1.jpg (20129 bytes)

WSP-001 Wilbur Shaw Racer Wheel & Tire Set Unavailable wsp-001a.JPG (105099 bytes)wsp-001b.JPG (142308 bytes)



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