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Item # Item Cost
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SMP-001 4 Spoke Wheel $8.00/ea smp-001.jpg (129144 bytes)

SMP-001P Chrome Plated 4 Spoke Wheel $9.00/ea smp-001p.jpg (109796 bytes)

SMP-002 5 Spoke Wheel $8.00/ea smp-002.jpg (142259 bytes)

SMP-002P Chrome Plated 5 Spoke Wheel $9.00/ea smp-002p.jpg (93919 bytes)

SMP-003 MIC Wheel $8.00/ea smp-003.jpg (121566 bytes)

SMP-004 B-Mack Scripted Tire $10.00/ea smp-004.jpg (33500 bytes)

SMP-005 GMC Plain Solid Tire $12.00/ea smp-005.jpg (29038 bytes)

SMP-006 Custom Grooved Tire $11.00/ea smp-006.jpg (31910 bytes)

SMP-007 Early GMC Large Plain Hubcap $19.00/set of 4 smp-007.jpg (28760 bytes)
SMP-008 Early GMC Small Plain Hubcap $19.00/set of 4 smp-008.jpg (25013 bytes)

SMP-009 GMC Stamped Hubcap $30.00/set of 4 smp-009.jpg (28064 bytes)

SMP-010 MIC Headlight (chrome plated) $14.00/pr smp-010.jpg (27959 bytes)

SMP-011 MIC Door Handle w/Clip (chrome plated) $13.00/pr smp-011.jpg (19996 bytes)

SMP-012 L-Mack Small Stem Headlight (chrome plated) $14.00/pr smp-012.jpg (28059 bytes)

SMP-013 L-Mack Large Stem Headlight (chrome plated) $14.00/pr smp-013.jpg (25596 bytes)

SMP-014 L-Mack Bulldog (chrome plated) $13.00/ea smp-014.jpg (28077 bytes)

SMP-014B L-Mack Small Stem Bulldog (chrome plated) $13.00/ea

SMP-015 B-Mack Headlight (chrome plated) $14.00/pr smp-015.jpg (22656 bytes)

SMP-016 B-Mack Radiator Logo (chrome plated) $8.00/ea smp-016.jpg (24880 bytes)

SMP-017 B-Mack Airhorn (chrome plated) $8.00/ea smp-017.jpg (16999 bytes)

SMP-018 B-Mack Roof Light (chrome plated) $5.00/ea smp-018.jpg (15720 bytes)

SMP-019 L-Mack Replacement Bumper $20.75/ea smp-019.jpg (22359 bytes)

SMP-020 GMC Replacement Bumper
(green tape to protect polished front)
$15.75/ea smp-020.jpg (24581 bytes)

SMP-021 Wrecker Tow Hook $9.00/ea smp-021.jpg (34650 bytes)

SMP-022 Leaf Spring Style Trailer Bogies $12.00/pr smp-022.jpg (101906 bytes)

SMP-023 GMC Style Trailer Bogies $12.00/pr smp-023.jpg (89144 bytes)

SMP-024 Smith Miller L-Mack Tire $9.00/ea smp-024.JPG (64272 bytes)

SMP-025 Smith Miller Box Van Door Set $43.00/set smp-025.JPG (104429 bytes)

SMP-029-2R Smith Miller MIC Tow Truck Red Jewel Tail Light Set $15.00/pr smp-029-2r.JPG (84798 bytes)

SMP-029-4R Smith Miller MIC Semi Trailer Red Jewels/Holders $27.00/set of 4 smp-029-4r.JPG (80989 bytes)

SMP-029-4G Smit Miller MIC Semi Trailer Green Jewels/Holders $27.00/set of 4 smp-029-4g.JPG (70154 bytes)

SMP-030 Smith Miller Wooden Barrel 
(specify light or dark wood)
$11.00/ea smp-030.JPG (81050 bytes)

SMP-031 Smith Miller Pup Trailer Drawbar $15.00/ea smp-031.JPG (62055 bytes)

SMP-032L Smith Miller MIC Left Side Door $21.00/ea

SMP-032R Smith Miller Right Side Door $21.00/ea

SMP-033 Smith Miller Liftgate Lever $8.00/ea

SMP-034 Smith Miller Liftgate Cradle $28.00/ea

SMP-035 Smith Miller Liftgate Lever Clip $6.00/ea

SMP-036 Smith Miller MIC Stake Truck Stake $10.00/ea

SMP-037 Smith Miller MIC Highway Tread Tire $10.00/ea smp-037a.JPG (121038 bytes)smp-037b.JPG (52939 bytes)

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