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Due to changing production methods, all items shown below are now ONLY available in the peel/stick variation.

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A-001 Archer Indian 3" Tall $5.00/ea

A-002 Archer Aircraft 3" Across $5.00/ea

A-003 3" Firestone $5.00/ea

A-004 3" United Motor Service $5.00/ea

A-005 2" Chevron Supreme $5.00/ea


A-006 2" Conoco white $5.00/ea

A-007 2" Conoco red $5.00/ea

A-008 2" Dixie round $5.00/ea

A-009 2.5" Dixie oval $5.00/ea

A-010 2.5" Esso oval $5.00/ea

A-011 2" Flying A $5.00/ea

A-012 2" Gulf $5.00/ea

A-013 2" Gulf $5.00/ea

A-014 2.5" Mobil SP $5.00/ea

A-015 2" Oilzum head $5.00/ea

A-016 2.5" Oilzum triangle $5.00/ea

A-017 3" Pennzoil Oval $5.00/ea

A-018 2" Shell $5.00/ea

A-019 2" Sinclair Dino $5.00/ea

A-020 2" Texaco $5.00/ea

A-021 2" Phillips 66 $5.00/ea

A-022 2" Sinclair Power X $5.00/ea

A-023 3" Standard $5.00/ea

A-024 2" Texas Pacific $5.00/ea

A-025 3" Union 76 $5.00/ea

A-026 2" Richlube $5.00/ea

A-027 2" Route 66 $5.00/ea

A-028 3" Exide $5.00/ea

A-029 2" Nash Service $5.00/ea

A-030 2" Studebaker $5.00/ea

A-031 3" Chevy Service $5.00/ea

A-032 2.5" Mercury Head $5.00/ea

A-033 3.5" tall No Riders $5.00/ea

A-034 2" Husky $5.00/ea

A-035 3" Oldfield Tires $5.00/ea

A-036 2" Michelin $5.00/ea

A-037 2" Sunoco Blue $5.00/ea

A-038 2.5" Atlantic Refining $5.00/ea

A-039 3" Ford $5.00/ea

A-040 2" Union 76 $5.00/ea

A-041 2" Shamrock $5.00/ea

A-042 2" Republic $5.00/ea

A-043 2" Studebaker $5.00/ea

A-044 2.5" Pontiac Head $5.00/ea

A-045 2" Pure $5.00/ea

A-046 2" Veltex $5.00/ea

A-047 Bardahl  
A-048 4" Jahn's  
A-049 2.5" Goodrich  
A-050 2.5" Socony
A-051 2" Magnolia  
A-052 2" Silent Chief