Please note:  All items are now available in peel and stick ONLY unless otherwise noted in the individual item description.

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Steelcraft Army Scout Plane Set

0.5" x 3"
0.9" x 2"
1.9" diameter


sc-001.jpg (36627 bytes)


Steelcraft SF to NY Bus



sc-002.jpg (15367 bytes)


Steelcraft Graf Zeppelin Set

1.8" diameter
0.6" x 5.25"


sc-005.jpg (42347 bytes)


Steelcraft Little Giant Zeppelin Set

1.8" diameter
1" x 3.25"


sc-006.jpg (38681 bytes)


Steelcraft Logo

1" x 1.85"


sc-007.jpg (23112 bytes)


Steelcraft City Trucking Co.



sc-008.jpg (19701 bytes)


Steelcraft Goodyear Zeppelin Set



sc-009.jpg (27778 bytes)


Steelcraft Bloomingdale's Van Set



sc-010.jpg (28702 bytes)


Steelcraft Ambulance

0.8" x 7.25"


sc-011.jpg (22939 bytes)


Steelcraft Little Jim Logo (1.75")

0.75" x 1.75"


sc-012.jpg (32775 bytes)


Steelcraft City Fire Department

0.5" x 4.5"


sc-013.jpg (25849 bytes)


Steelcraft 20th Century Limited



sc-014.jpg (28303 bytes)


Steelcraft City Ice Cream Co.

1.3" x 5"


sc-015.jpg (22356 bytes)


Steelcraft Playboy Trucking Co. 4"

0.75" x 4"


sc-016.jpg (36989 bytes)

SC-017 Steelcraft City Milk Co 1.3" x 4.2" $10.00/pr sc-017.jpg (33108 bytes)


Steelcraft Airflow Fire Department

0.7" x 6.75"


sc-018.jpg (11956 bytes)

SC-019 Steelcraft Intercity Bus 0.6" x 3.6" $10.00/set sc-019.jpg (26396 bytes)

SC-020 Steelcraft Marion Shovel 1" x 3.5" $8.00/each sc-020.jpg (33366 bytes)

SC-021 Steelcraft Mack Jr. Black 1.25" x 1.25"
0.9" diameter
$8.00/set sc-021.JPG (26782 bytes)

SC-022 Steelcraft Mack Jr. Red 1.25" x 1.25"
0.9" diameter
$8.00/set sc-022.JPG (30178 bytes)

SC-023 Steelcraft Marion Shovel (large) 1.5" x 5" $9.00/each sc-023.jpg (32156 bytes)

SC-024 Steelcraft City Delivery Box Van 5.5" across $12.00/pr sc-024.jpg (14901 bytes)

SC-025 Steelcraft Moving Van 5.2" across $10.00/pr sc-025.jpg (37398 bytes)

SC-026 Steelcraft Railway Express   $10.00/pr sc-026.jpg (41327 bytes)

SC-027 Steelcraft Supplee Ice Cream   $27.00/set sc-027.jpg (71999 bytes)

SC-028 Steelcraft St. Louis Dairy   $14.00/pr sc-028.jpg (61423 bytes)

SC-029 Steelcraft Super Service Wrecker   $14.00/pr sc-029.jpg (46539 bytes)

SC-030 Steelcraft Inter City Bus (larger size)   $10.00/pr sc-030.jpg (80095 bytes)

SC-031 Steelcraft Hydrox Box Van   $17.00/set sc-031.jpg (99445 bytes)

SC-032 Steelcraft Northland Dairy Truck   $22.00/set sc-032.jpg (101843 bytes)

SC-033 Steelcraft Large City Fire Dept.   $12.00/pr sc-033.jpg (66155 bytes)

SC-034 Steelcraft National Milk Co.      
SC-035 Steelcraft Lockheed Sirius Airplane   $17.00/set sc-035.jpg (110030 bytes)

SC-036 Steelcraft Chesapeake & Ohio Ride On Train   $10.00/pr sc-036.jpg (75178 bytes)

SC-037 Steelcraft Pedal Car Seat   $10.00/ea sc-037.JPG (85351 bytes)


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