Please note:  All items are now available in peel and stick ONLY unless otherwise noted in the individual item description.

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Thimbledrome Champ Hood Straps/Dash - Black


tdc-bk.jpg (30643 bytes)


Thimbledrome Champ Hood Straps/Dash - Brown


tdc-br.jpg (30785 bytes)


Thimbledrome Special Grill/dash


tds-001.jpg (25914 bytes)


Thimbledrome Special (pusher) Hood Decal & Dash


tds-002.jpg (19939 bytes)

TD-005 Thimbledrome Champ Silver/Black Numbers $12.00/set td-005.jpg (34350 bytes)

TD-006 Thimbledrome Champ Gold/Black Numbers $12.00/set td-006.jpg (34424 bytes)

TD-007 Thimbledrome Special Silver/Black Numbers $10.00/set td-007.jpg (35751 bytes)

TD-008 Thimbledrome Special Gold/Black Numbers $10.00/set td-008.jpg (35331 bytes)

TD-009 Thimbledrome Shrike Prop Rod $10.00/set td-009.jpg (85551 bytes)


Ohlsson & Rice Hood straps & Dash


or-001.jpg (24806 bytes)

OR-002 Ohlsson & Rice Silver/Black Numbers $12.00/set or-002.jpg (35646 bytes)

OR-003 Ohlsson & Rice Gold/Black Numbers $12.00/set or-003.jpg (34249 bytes)


Woodette Racer Decal w/pr #5's


wd-001.jpg (27074 bytes)


All American Hot Rod Set


hr-001.jpg (23388 bytes)

HC-001 Hiller Comet Set $17.00/set

hc-001.jpg (34982 bytes)

KK-001 KoKoMo Electricar Racer $7.00/ea kk-001.jpg (22174 bytes)

PG-001 Pagco Racing Car $9.00/set pg-001.jpg (38071 bytes)

WM-001 Wen Mac Spirit of America Windup Racer $17.00/set wm-001.jpg (109544 bytes)


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